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De La Salle
Mission and Goals

Our goals are

Increase the educational level as well as the income of our program participants, by facilitating an integral education, developing skills and abilities in order to build self-confidence and hope during the process.

We follow the educational method, tradition and work done by the Brothers of the Christian Schools instituted by Saint John Baptiste De La Salle more than three centuries ago. The Brothers and Alumni from De La Salle Schools look for the education of the poor as a goal to benefit human kind in general, by participating actively in global forums to guarantee that education is considered as a fundamental right to any human being.

We support the formal school system by providing a safe and positive environment with daily activities that maximize children, youth, and adults education effort, reinforcing the family nucleus and avoiding children and young people to be on the street from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

We provide workshops and short-term occupational skills for people to be able to get basic jobs, by breaking the ignorance / poverty cycle.