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De La Salle

   A community between two worlds.

The Center is located at the South Dade Labor Camp in the city of Homestead, Florida, and it's owned by the Homestead Housing Authority (HHA). We serve 300 low income families and in compensation for our services the HHA rents us these facilities with a minimum charge.

December 1989.
Initial visits to South and Everglades Camps with Santa Ana's Mission pastor.
October 1990.
First committed work to support the poor in the South Camp.
May 1991.
The center is named " Saint John The Baptist De La Salle Vocational School " by Sister Soledad. Youth in South Camp asked for classes to improve their skills.
July 20th, 1991.
The Center began with an English class of 13 students with a young teacher named Francisco Javier Camps III.
April 1992.
Father Jose Espino invited the De La Salle Brothers to participate in the school.
August 1992.
Hurricane Andrew destroyed most of the city of Homestead, tearing down the little chapel, as well as the Center. A new property was provided for the Center after Andrew.
August 1993.
The Alumni Association and the De La Salle Brothers from the Baltimore District sent Brother Edward Hoffman.
October 1993.
Brother Pablo (Enrique Pizarro), joined the Center to stimulate our mission for almost two years. Brother Miguel Dominguez arrived.
May 1994.
Brother Santiago Saiz de la Mora arrived, later alumnus Alfredo Ledon came and stayed for 2 years.
Tutoring classes began with a youngster named Jose M Medina.
Mr. Gustavo Erviti and teacher Jorge Ramirez, both alumni, began organizing computer classes.
The Lasallian Foundation gave us New computer equipment. Teachers Hilda Bueno and Cecilia Guerrero began tutoring our children. Bro. John Johnston FSC General Superior visited our Center.
Architect Noe Amezcua, arrived as a volunteer from La Salle University in Mexico City.
A complete computer system was donated to us by Hewlett Packard.
"Union Mundial De La Salle" or "UMAEl" provided the funds for a Marching Band "Banda Centenario"
January 2005.
Dr Jorge Morales was named director of the Center for one year.
July 2005.
Br. Alvaro Rodriguez FSC, General Superior, visited our Center.
June 2006.
Ms Sweeney, a Lasallian volunteer from the United States came to help us for one year She loved sports and was able to promote great participation among our students.
January 2007.
Ms Adriana Garcia from De La Salle University in México City came to us for an agreed three-month period but remained with us until June of 2007.
August 2007.
Engineer Javier Valencia became our director. Later on, he brought his sister Estefania. We expanded the sports program, the library, the sewing classes, as well as the digital computer program and created two mini-companies, one for digital printing and another one for a higher level of sewing products made by a group of our students.
December 2007.
Ms Sweeney returned home.
June 2009.
Salvador Romo assumed the presidency and worked as interim director of the Center.
The Center Expanded again with two new classrooms. Br. Adalberto Aranda, as visitor, helped Salvador Romo as new president with the formation of a vision for the Center as well as its strategic plan. Br. Daniel Aubin became Board Member of the Center.
With the support of Br Martin Rocha, The Center made the necessary adjustments in order to achieve the results expected by a De La Salle Institution. Br. Nestor Anaya helped to shape the specific metrics with our director Milton Zamora.
De La Salle Atelier, produced and delivered the Bags for the Missions Conference held at Miami.
Mr. Milton Zamora left the direction of the Center and in the interim we had the services of Ms. Martha Guerrero. Ms. Susana Sánchez, who was the Havana Center administrator, became the new director.