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De La Salle
Cause Br. Victorino

Bro. Victorino (Agustin Arnaud Pages)
1885 - 1966

"The memory of Brother Victorino stimulates us to participate, as he did, with enthusiasm in the educative mission that our Lord confides in us today, His contribution with the Catholic Cuban Youth, was the assertive vision to share the lasallian charisma with seculars, and in this, he was ahead of what today we are living to the Institute level, with the Association and the shared Mission. That his example stimulate and encourage us, and reminds us with another lasallian articles, that God loves young people to the extent of consecrating their saints." (Bro. Alvaro Rodriguez Echeverria, Rome, March 25, 2008)

He was born in Onzillon, France on September 7, 1885, he lived in Cuba from 1905 to 1961, he died in Puerto Rico the 16th of April, 1966.

He founded several Alumni Associations in Cuba, since 1915, not only in the De La Salle Schools but also in many other schools. With these Associations, he founded the Cuban Catholic Youth in 1928. He founded the La Salle Alumni Association in New York, Miami, and Puerto Rico.

Among the distinguished works of the Servant of God Brother Victorino, the highest was the creation of the Federation of Cuban Catholic Youth in 1928, the most important secular organization in Cuba, known by all as "the federados", These Cuban young men and women that at the time were more than twenty five thousand, were a very important contribution to the evangelization of the Cuban Episcopate.

A considerable number of priests and religious vocations and among them of many De La Salle Christian Brothers, came from its rows. It is considered the highest promoter of vocations of his time, with his example and testimony he accomplished that over 300 young men and women joined the Religious Life.
He died the 16th of April 1966 in Bayamon Puerto Rico, where he was buried in the De La Salle Brothers pantheon located in the Porta Coeli Cemetery.

"His organization extended through all the Cuban territory, which made the young people get close to the Church, on each town, city by city, neighborhood by neighborhood", as expressed by the present Archbishop of La Habana, Mons. Jaime Ortega in October 1955, during the aperture (come back) of the Community of the Christian Brothers De La Salle in that city.

The Beatification process was solicited in 1996, by his own old students, as a demonstration of the love and admiration they felt, the Cause is introduced in 1999 and the closing of the process in 2003.

You can pray a novena to request favors through the intercession of Servant of God, Bro. Victorino - "A Great Apostle for the education of the young".

Lord God, You who have promised to praise the humble and those who teach justice to many, deign to glorify your servant, Brother Victorino. He was a tireless worker in his ministry to children and youth. We pray to You that You allow his name to shine among your saints.

Multiply your grace, Lord, in favor of the faithful who ask You. Make present to us the virtues that Brother Victorino practiced here on earth. Grant us that one day we will see Your Holy Church honor his memory. We pray that through offering us a new model to imitate and a new protector who will assist us from heaven in our labors and afflictions of this life, we will be helped to reach eternal life."

Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be to the Father.

We would appreciate it very much if you could report any favors obtained from the intercession of Bro. Victorino to:
Bro. Vice-Postulador for the cause of Bro. Victorino
Bro. Wilfredo Perez
P.O. Box 518, Bayamón, Puerto Rico 00960