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De La Salle
Volunteer Opportunities

Please ask us about opportunities to be a volunteer:
• if you can teach a class or workshop.
• If you are handy and like to fix things.
• If you are a De La Salle Alumnus looking forward to participating.
• If you are part of our Community and would like to serve fellow humans in need of education.
• If you are an Institution and would like to sponsor a class or workshop to teach people basic job skills.
• If you are a Garment Industry Manufacturer and would like to sponsor a class or our Sewing and Pattern Cutting workshop teaching people basic job skills as part of your training processes.

Do you have a trade, or art skill, would you like to help others to overcome poverty? Fill up the form and become volunteer instructor in a workshop.

De La Salle Center representative will contact you when an opportunity is available.
We will look for a potential match to your skills and the work that needs to be done in the Center. We will keep your information and will contact you once a year to refresh the data.