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Volunteer Experiences

We shared some of the experience this summer in Homestead group of students from Simón Bolívar of Pedregal in México through this video.

Antonio Román González Avalos
La Salle Educational Center is located in South Dade (Homestead) south of Florida in the United States; here in this small field about 300 families living immigrant (Cubans, Mexicans, Salvadorans and Hondurans mostly).

He believed and have known the reality that immigrants living in the country; perhaps the fact that they left their home for better opportunities, the challenge of learning English or living in fear to become deportees had already understood, but here what changed were the jobs they do for a living, they are people who work in so-called "nurseries" (nurseries in English) which is equivalent to the nursery in Mexico, it's hard work in the rays of the sun most of the day, however, did not touch me share the work, but it touched me to share with the children of these people in the center of La Salle, who are children waiting for their parents during the summer and receive counseling during the school year. For that we are, to educate them, join them.

At first I was not very clear what would be my specific activities, so the first day I got to know some small and teachers. I was then given the responsibility to arrive early to open the center and who was receiving coming; my stay was based on sharing games, books, sports, art and life stories, conversations filled with much empathy I had with Martha teacher, Andrea teacher, Mrs. White (mother of a student), Chela Mrs. and Mr. Juan (grandparents of two students) who made ​​it very clear that the situation they live "is not easy."

Teaching art with markers.

The challenges I had were really involved with the locals, I think the two weeks we were there I shared the ideal first encounter. The first week was an adaptation process for receiving them and to myself that I got. The second was more dynamic thanks to the arrival of volunteers from La Salle del Pedregal located in the Federal District (Mexico) who came to admire too for having the courage and conscience to volunteer at an early age (14 years) really motivated me to continue to hold even if a small struggle to improve difficult situations around me.

Do you need to help in what you get, but you realize that the world is very large and at the same time you realize that you are not alone, as there are more people struggling to improve their environments.

Share a book.

One day I had an encounter with an immigrant who marked me for life. The project proposal was made at the Universidad de la Salle Bajío, the project has grown and whether in Guanajuato or Florida, we are present to support this cause.

I feel great empathy with these people, because my family situation is theirs, I'm part of these families.

A board game I had ever seen, played in an extreme way.

At the moment I can only thank those who have been part of this process, for their support, advice, teachings ... thank you very much for giving me this great opportunity to live volunteering.

Unforgettable Experience.

Everyone at some point in their life have to experience a journey into his human interior.

That trip what I do.

When my Uncle Bro. Edwin Arteaga asked me if I wanted to spend two months of my time to conduct a volunteer work do not hesitate to accept. In my life I have not spent enough time as I would like to help people who really need it. La People thought I was going to help people like me or better because nobody imagines that the tourist city of Miami and the Grand first world country as it is United States needed help.

What people did not know that was going to help immigrant people, Latino people, people like us difficult situations that had to flee their countries, either by violence, financial need and / or demeaning another reason. My way to help these people with their children was for because they work all day their children were alone at home on summer days.

This ensures El Centro La Salle Homestead, apart from having an after school all year has a Summer Camp which is dedicated to these children. This center is what it is thanks to very important factors in everyday life:

Directors: Those who at some point in his life La Salle helped them become what they are and in a way to return the favor spend a little time in the care and management of the center with great charisma, dedication and effort.

The Teachers: Teachers Two very special which know how these children feel and devote their lives to educate them without receiving much in return, because they feel it is a very special vocation which is difficult to explain because of how rewarding it is.

Volunteers: people like me who want to make a change in the world helping people in need, we are from different countries and places in one union to support Salle.

Donations: La Salle holds economically on donations from people who at some point in their life touched by the Lasallian spirit or simply want to help felt.

San Juan Bautista de la Salle: The above named people want to feel identified with him, because the large part of his life to help the poor receive only smiles and blessings.

And most of all God.

First days in my children were very close in their world, kept a bubble where they did not take their ideas to the outside world, not out of his comfort zone. Slowly and to leave knowing I saw a person in whom they could trust and support and allowed me to tease out that inner smile that had.

People think they need to have to help profession, vocation, or be skilled teaching but in this case it is not. The main thing in the center are children and if you go with the intention of making that space, that opportunity for them to forget about the outside world, their relatives or other problems, you're already doing a lot.

All you have to do is go with the desire, courage and commitment to help.

With each passing day my love children and earned gradually went wanting more and more, almost like brothers which is very rewarding if you never had that experience. Each child had their history, their own anecdotes to be you aguaran eyes and to feel a sense of sadness but also of impotence to change that on a large scale. These stories were grown as a human being because apreciabas more things you had before do not matter. These stories will become a grateful person in your life.

It is difficult to explain all the feelings and situations that are generated in a few words as this experience must experience and feel or if not, is useless.

When I left, to end my time there, the kids asked me would I go back next year as waiting anxiously to see me again, hugged me and the occasional crying because he was the big brother I never had perhaps.

It showed in his actions and in his eyes that would miss me because I had left some of my past in this very nice place. It feels a void to be out of there as children leave in thee indescribable.

I learned a lot as a person and human being, I learned to appreciate what I have and be thankful for all that and learned, life is not easy.

I thank the people who allowed me to be there.

Thanks to my Tío Edwin already la Salle, the Director Susana Sánchez, to José Dorado and Salvador Romo, at Maestras Andrea Morales and Martha Guerrero and each person who was with me and me support in this.

And above all, Thanks to life and my family.


The coolest holiday ever

At first I had prepared myself for a mission elsewhere with colleagues, with other teachers. But I never imagined that when the set date and go to visit that community could not go. After a few weeks I had been invited to another mission in Miami was to go with undocumented migrants mostly children and going to teach how to live the Lasallian values that are faith, brotherhood, service, commitment and justice.

During the preparation, I was taught to live those values in order to transmit, for example by being helpful to others others see that you are good and well you mimic. I also learned to know the people who were with me and definitely became my best friends, apart from knowing these people I learned to know the children's center and live with them.

The first and the second day was the most difficult question to know them, but speak to you and tell them you talk about them is very nice. To get a laugh is a magical thing that feel to know everything you have already lived. Other days were the most amazing of my life, when you're at the zoo with them and are amazed when you are in the pool with them and play with you, when you play football or basketball, when you arrive and are greeted with great joy, when you learn your culture when you teach music heard in Mexico, when you eat with them, and some of the most special or sentimental things when it's your last night there and get fired, in the morning when you're already on the truck way to the airport and from the window you say goodbye to them, I think it's never enough to say goodbye once when you touch your hand to say goodbye from the window of the truck, when they go running behind the plane. Personally that time was one of the saddest days pass I was fascinated with them and go is very ugly, all the tears that were shed on the faces of these children made me mourn even more.

I promise to go back and spend even more time there. I never imagined it to be something so beautiful. I want to thank my friends at school for letting me know from the inside and also thank the children of the center by sharing me experiences that I have lived heart I thank you. And special thanks to the teachers of the school who were always aware of us and also let me know. I invite all the students of the secondary section to live this indescribable experience that I lived.

Bye! Mariana